Spa Running Festival Training Clinic

The 8-week Spa Running Festival Training Clinic  will be in-person clinic meeting Tuesday and Thursday evenings from September 21st thru November 9th at 5:45pm. Location: Transportation Depot, 100 Broadway Terrace, Hot Springs, AR.

COVID 19 precautions –  There will be separate groups for 5K walker, 5K beginner, 5K Intermediate,10K beginner,10K Intermediate, and Half Marathon. To limit exposure, groups will meet in separate designated area with their group only to receive instructions on the route for the evening.The usual training, tips, and advice component will be done virtually on the SRF Training Clinic Facebook page.

The clinic is 100% FREE and again sponsored by Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield! Pick a group to sign up with (you can easily change groups later if needed) by clicking this link to register and join us to begin training for the Spa Running Festival. Our coaches understand that the hardest step is deciding to join us and will support you every step of the way.

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