Steve Adkison

Steve Adkison

Steve and his wife Susan live in Hot Springs at the base of West Mountain. A lifelong runner, Steve started running high school cross country when he was 14, in Decatur, Alabama. Prior to coming to Arkansas in 2014, he lived in seven different western states for three-and-a-half decades, working in Yellowstone and the Tetons for a decade, teaching skiing throughout the Northern Rockies, trailrunning, climbing, and backcountry skiing.


He particularly loves trailrunning and various backcountry pursuits—he and Susan can usually be found on the trails around Hot Springs and elsewhere in Arkansas and further afield, either running or backpacking and fastpacking with their friends old and new, and their dogs Abby and Gizmo. Despite a thin veneer of respectability, Steve is still a trailbum and dirtbag at heart and enjoys nothing more than introducing new people to running as a fall and spring clinic coach, introducing new people to trail and ultrarunning, and volunteering at trail and road races.


“Community is key to my core values, and the running community in Arkansas—both trail and road—is special. I’ve never experienced more welcoming and supportive people, people who deeply understand that we’re all in this world together.” – Steve

I moved to HS in 2013 not knowing anyone. In 2016, I was going to run my first 5K with the Window Mart team so I went to the Spa Pacers Fall Clinic and fell in love with running and found the best of friends that seem more like family than friends.

Tammy Boyd
Tammy BoydMember

The Spa Pacers are one of the nicest, most inspirational, encouraging and inclusive group I have ever had the pleasure to know. Absolutely best of the best people.

Andrea Birdsong
Andrea BirdsongMember

There is absolutely no group that I have ever been a part of that is more encouraging and supportive than the Spa Pacers. Whether you are a walker or a runner, fast or slow, you are welcomed and encouraged to participate. I love the Spa Pacers!

Eric Smith
Eric SmithMember