Group Runs

Monday Trail Run at 4:30PM

Fountain Street near Hot Springs Mountain Drive (2nd Monday each month at Northwoods)

3-5 miles

Group Leader: Greg

Monday Fountain Street Fanatics (Road) at 5:45PM

Fountain Street near Hot Springs Mountain Drive

3-5 miles

Group Leader: Larry

Tuesday Whittington/West Mountain Run (Road) at 5:45PM

Whittington Avenue near West Mountain Drive

4-5 miles

Group Leader: Larry

Wednesday Trail Run at 4:30PM

2nd Lookout West Mountain Summit Drive

3-5 miles

Group Leader: Greg

Wednesday Track at 5:45PM

Lake Hamilton High School

3-6 miles

Group Leader: Eric

Thursday Pub Run (Road) at 5:45PM

Spencer’s Corner at Malvern & Bridge Street

3 miles

Group Leader: Larry M.

Saturday Weekend Warriors Run (Road) at 6:30AM

Transportation Depot at 100 Broadway

6-10 miles

Group Leader: Larry or Jerry

“I came to Hot Springs 13 years ago with nothing. I was adopted into the Spa Pacers and the Arkansas running community. Everything good in my life today is a result of the friendship, support, and togetherness, found in the Spa Pacers.”


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