Spring Clinic

Spring Clinic

The spring clinic is back this year! This free 10-week training program is for EVERYONE – all ages and abilities – to learn to run or walk for exercise.

WHERE: Clinics will meet twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:45 PM at the Transportation Depot, 100 Broadway, corner of Market Street and Broadway.

WHEN: The first clinic session will be Tuesday, March 1st at 5:45 PM. The last clinic session will be Thursday, May 5th. There will be a graduation 5K on the last night of clinic, Thursday, May 5th.

There will be a group for every pace!
  • Walker Group A – Your goal is to train to walk up to 3.1 miles, and/or learn to walk longer and at a faster pace.
  • Walker Group B – Your goal is to train to walk up to 3.1 miles using alternating slow-fast intervals. The duration of the fast walking intervals will increase weekly, improving your pace. Your training time will increase to 45-50 minutes in the last few weeks of the clinic.
  • Beginning Runner Group – Your goal is to train to run/walk up to 3.1 miles. You are not running any or very little and want to complete a 5K.
  • Intermediate Runner – Your goal is to train to run consistently up to 3.1 miles. You currently run at least 4 minutes before taking a brief walk break, and you are able to do these intervals for up to 30 minutes total.
  • Advanced Runner – Your goal is to run longer distances and at a faster pace. You are currently running approximately 3 miles and have possibly run some 5K or 10K races. You want to increase your speed and run for longer distances.

Volunteer leaders are needed also!

The clinic is free to all participants, but you do need to register HERE.